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  Jeannie Lorin is described by friends and those around her as the woman who has it all. She is the beautiful, smart, funny, mother of four wonderful children, who runs her own company that is growing exponentially each day.  By most standards, that is everything a woman could want. But Jeannie Lorin wants more.  In spite of all of her accomplishments and success, Jeannie has a sharp focus on her ultimate dream, to give every woman the opportunity to be confident, financially successful, and in charge of their future.  She believes women should not have be make a choice between being a mother or business owner, and has created a company that empowers, inspires, and ensures that women have the opportunity to realize their potential in every way.

Like many women, as Jeannie approached 40, skincare became a greater concern.  Having tried countless products over the years, she shared the same frustration that many women have experienced with even the costliest products- they simply don’t deliver on their promises.  While disappointed in these products, even more upsetting was the realization that millions of dollars are spent each year by women on expensive products with cheap ingredients.   These “high end” companies were wasting the time, money, and hope of countless women, setting the price tag high and the bar low on what can be accomplished in skincare.

This on-going disappointment gave Jeannie a feeling of solidarity with the other women who have suffered disappointment in their pursuit of bettering themselves. Women deserve a return on their investment. These are the thoughts that kept Jeannie up at night.  After the kids were put to bed, Jeannie’s outrage turned to energy, and this is when Beauty Society was born. 

The concept was simple, create a company that gave women nothing less than the best- the best products, prices, service, and support. But giving women the perfect skincare company was only part of the dream. Social and environmental awareness were also an important part of the equation.  For some companies, “going green” or “giving back” is a choice. For Beauty Society it is a passion.

Beauty Society donates thousands of dollars each year to Women for Women International, a charitable program that changes the lives of women in war torn villages across the globe. Women for Women, like Beauty Society, focuses on empowering women with the tools, confidence, and knowledge to build their own businesses.   From the girl next door, to women on the other side of the globe, Jeannie, through Beauty Society, helps create futures.

Jeannie’s global focus goes beyond helping women, but also the world that we share. The “treasure not trash” program introduced refillable bamboo packaging.  With Beauty Society products, only thing left behind is natural beauty.

As Beauty Society grows, so has the opportunity. Jeannie has continually found ways to make her company like no other- better products, ingredients, results, and commitment to women and society. And while others think she has it all, she thinks she’s just begun!

  "Hi, I am Jeannie and I am obsessed with helping women obtain their Full Potential In Beauty, Financial Dreams and Giving Back to the world!"

Beauty Society began as a quest to bring glamour and success to all women. Living in Southern California, I have been at the heartbeat of change occurring in the skincare industry. Suddenly there are women who seem to be growing younger. We’ve all seen them, the stars who look as if they’ve found the fountain of youth - and in a way, they have. Women have begun shedding decades from their faces without radical surgery or invasive techniques, and yet their secret has been well kept. Until now.

I grew impassioned about discovering these new miracle beauty factors - and then sharing them with all women. Working with leading chemists, I uncovered the secrets of youthful skin.
These scientifically proven action ingredients renew, rebuild and transform the skin. I became obsessed with finding a way to bring these ingredients and regimes to all women, at prices everyone could afford.

But it didn’t stop there - I believe true beauty is more than skin deep: beauty is also personal independence, and beauty is generosity of spirit.
As I spoke with women, more and more showed enthusiasm about these goals, and the Beauty Society Trilogy was formed: Beautiful Skincare, Becoming a Diva, and Women for Women. Whether you are a celebrity or a stay at home mom, the one thing we all have in common is looking and being the best we can.

The result has been a company with a conscience, One where all women can be beautiful, with an ‘everyone wins’ business model, offering a lucrative and exciting business opportunity for women, and ultimately an opportunity for our members to ‘give back’ to women throughout the world. Please continue reading to discover our vision of beauty, wealth and humanity. Hopefully you will join the women across the nation becoming members of the Beauty Society.

President, Beauty Society, Inc.



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